Company Profile

JELE Optical & Machine Electronics (Shanghai) CO., LTD. (JELE Shanghai) is a joint-stock enterprise founded in Shanghai with the investment of JELE.

JELE is a group company specialized in the production of electronic and electrical components, with research centers and factories in Shanghai, Wenzhou of Zhejiang province and Xiamen of Fujian province, respectively, and a sales company in Shenzhen. The company has plant buildings covering 25000 square meters and 500 employees, including 65 technicians.

The company is mainly engaged in the development, production and sale of auto parts, photoelectric devices, communications equipment, parts of electrical apparatus, mechanical equipment, mould manufacturing and precision hardware stamping and so on.

The company has attracted a group of high-caliber professionals in scientific research and management to the research and development, production and sales departments. More than half of the employees have credentials of junior colleges or higher educational institutions, and many employees have experience in design, production and management, for they have worked in relevant departments of state-owned military enterprises, Taiwan-invested enterprises or Japan-invested enterprises.

The factory of JELE in Wenzhou of Zhejiang province achieved ISO9002 certification and ISO9001 certification in 1998 and 2000 respectively. The factory has been authorized the rights of self-managed export and import, rated by the Agricultural Bank of China as “AAA Credit Grade”, awarded the title of “Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise” by the Administration for Industry and Commerce, and titled “Outstanding Taxpaying Enterprise” by the State Administration of Taxation.

JELE attaches importance to self-dependent innovation and the protection of intellectual property. With self-owned brands and several patents, JELE is a project unit included in China’s Torch Program, and a high and new technology enterprise of Zhejiang province, garnering awards from the government many times.

The company boasts the FB-118C wire bonding equipment made in Japan for manufacturing photoelectric devices, the AD805M-06 die bonder made in the Netherlands and the 806 die bonder made by ASM in the United States, as well as a complete set of mechanical processing equipment for making moulds, covering low-speed wire-electrode cutting, electrical discharge, precision lathing, milling, planing and polishing and CNC machining centers and so on. In the company, there are over 50 medium-speed and high-speed punches with the capacity ranging from 16 tons to 200 tons, and more than 90 high-speed CNC machining centers. In addition, the company also has the CX1 height gauge and the MMQ 10 roundness measurement instrument made in Germany, and the XY3020 two-dimensional surveying instrument. The efficient manufacturing equipment and precise testing instruments guarantee the production efficiency and product quality of the company.

JELE believes that the quality of products is the basis for attracting customers and keeping customer loyalty, so the company has introduced key production and testing equipment from companies like MARH of Germany, MITUTOYO Nittoku of Japan, K&S of the United States, ASM of Singapore and DSK of Taiwan.

JELE’s major customers include IMI of the UK, GE of the United States, FDI of the United States, ABB of Sweden and Switzerland, NORGREN of Germany, ZEISS of Germany, PANDUIT of the United States, Schneider (China), KABA of Canada, SHINWA of Japan, Ngailik of Hong Kong, Changhong of China, Panasonic of China, Shinco of China and other famous brands at home and abroad.