June 1984
Yueqing JinLe Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd was initiated in Yueqing, Wenzhou. It was specialized in the production of connectors used for audio and video systems.
June 1993
The Stamping Business Department was founded, which was devoted to the design and production of moulds as well as the manufacturing of stamping parts.
October 1993
The Injection Molding Business Department was established, supplying plastic parts to small and special electrical machines and DVD players.
May 1997
The Company was renamed Zhejiang JinLe Electronics Co., Ltd and the Electric Machine Department was established. The company was engaged in the whole-course production, assembly and marketing of the small and special electrical machines for auto sound system and DVD player, covering stamping, welding, circuit board, etc.
January 2005
The Photoelectric Business Department was founded, devoted to the production of optoelectronic components mainly represented by infrared signal generator and receiver.
January 2006
JELE Optical & Machine Electronics (Shanghai) CO.,LTD. (JELE Shanghai) was initiated in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Committing itself to the research, development, production and marketing of precision metal stampings, it was accepted as the qualified global supplier by PANDUIT Group the same year.
January 2007
JELE Shanghai was accepted as the qualified global supplier of precision stampings by General Electric.
April 2008
JELE Shanghai began to supply a series of products to the globally-distributed new energy sectors of General Electric.
June 2009
JELE Shanghai was accepted as the qualified supplier to ABB Group and began to supply low-voltage electrical components to the group the same year.
July 2010
JELE Shanghai became the laptop metal shell supplier to Taiwan Kaisheng Group and Tayu Group. In the same year, the company began to introduce the whole-course manufacturing technologies in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturing. Thus it was equipped with the production, management and controlling capacities in laptop exterior parts, such as die sinking, stamping, CNC machining, polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing, anode, laser carving and so on.
July 2014
JELE Shanghai became the structural component supplier to new-style A ** LE cellphone of Singapore Hi-p Group.
May 2015
JELE Shanghai massively scaled up the CNC equipment (Computer Numerical Control).