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JELE is a manufacturer specialized in Audio, Video & Multi-Media connectors & jack components,& micro-motors,which has ISO9002 certificate,

and has its own import/export license.

JELE was established in 1984. It not only has a steady and rapid growth and an increase in sales, but also devotes to researching and developing of new products. In recent years, we have successfully developed some high-tech products like Plastic TV-Speaker Net-Cover,Micro-Electric-Motor, Microphone, Earphone, Air-conditioner Accessories, etc.

JELE MOTOR was established in 1997,JELE MOTOR mass produces permanent-magnetic-DC-motors in type EG-520ED, EG-530, RF-300, RF-310, RF-330, RF-500, etc., specifications of which meet those of products native and overseas.Producing capacity is up to 1.5 million pieces per month. JELE MOTOR successfully produces permanent-magnetic-stepping-motors in type 24BYJ,28BYJ,35BYJ, recently. All above products are used widely in fields of Audio-Video systems, Air-conditioners, Household Electric and automatic office appliances.
Our specialized R&D and die-making department, equipped with CAD and CAM system, have a high capability of researching and developing;manufacturing department and QC department are equipped with sufficient facilities, advanced testing instruments and work under strict QC standard; marketing department has established a vast sales net. We have also established a modern computerized administration and information system, which allows us to guarantee the best quality products and excellent services.
OEM/ODM welcome. Please let us know in detail about the products you want.
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1984 JELE Electronic (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. established.
1992 Tianjin Office established.
1993 JELE moved into newly built JELE Building, working area 3,000 square metres.
1995 Qingdao Office established.
1996 JELE(Qingdao) established, working area 2,000 square metres.

Hangzhou Office established, exporting business started.

1997 Fuzhou Office established.
1997 JELE MOTOR established.
1998 Headquarters expanded, working area enlarged to 4,500 square metres.
1998 Qingdao Factory expanded, working area enlarged to 4,000 square metres.
1999 JELE(Shenzhen) established.
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JELE Electronic (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. JELE(Shenzhen)Industrial Development Co.,Ltd.
B-2 Hongqiao Industrial zone(W),Yueqing,325608,P.R.Chian Rm.1204,Bldg.E,Mei-Jia Plaza, World Garden,Overseas Chinese
Tel:86-577-2315888 2312578

Town, Shenzhen 518053, China

Fax:86-577-2315588 TEL:86-755-6942818,13502871127
http://www.jele.com FAX:6942618
Email:jzj@jele.com Email:jsz@jele.com
Qingdao JELE
JELE Electric (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Office

No. 2 Yuhuandao Rd.,Qingdao,266500,China

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